The Battle for Tours and Activities

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

9 Oct 2018

Having worked in the tours and activities industry for many years now, I can confidently report that the last 24 months have seen some of the industry’s most exciting and interesting developments.

As these huge changes appear on the horizon, every online travel agent (OTA) and booking platform — both big and small — is positioning and preparing itself. But who will ultimately dominate the market? With this video, I’ll look at the big three OTAs, Google’s entry into the tours and activities sector, and I’ll explain how suppliers can make sure they’re ready for the changing digital environment.

You can read the full article 'The Digital Battle for Tours and Activities' here.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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My next and final prediction will be the death of the OTA.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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Things move very fast on social media, and you don’t want to miss the buzz.

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