Chris Torres
Tours and Activities Action Plans and Positivity During Global Lockdown
I wanted to cut through all the doom and gloom by writing a more positive article about the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis
Preparing your business for the next crisis
Needless to say, the worry and stress most operators are going through right now is unprecedented.
Urban Adventures Transition Plan Planning for the Future
I would like to play a small part in trying to help the many Urban Adventure partners that may be lost and in a place of despair, wondering what to do next.
Join the Travel Massive Glasgow Community
Travel Massive Glasgow provide monthly events to grow and inform the tourism sector in Glasgow
Growing a Successful Adventure Brand in Scotland
Matt Smith discusses what it takes to make it in the luxury adventure market
Google just made tracking your marketing campaigns a whole lot harder
Find out more about Google’s cookies policy changes & what they mean for your marketing campaigns.
Industry Review of 2019 with Shane from Tourpreneur
Covering topics with Shane of what happened over the last 12 months, as well as looking ahead to 2020 and what the future holds.
Connecting and Promoting your Products Through Global Travel Agencies
Chris will be discussing with David of Travelport how you can distribute, and benefit from, using their platform to promote your products.
The Digital Battle for Tours and Activities – Part 2
I want to highlight a major and dangerous situation many OTAs are putting tour and activity providers in.
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