How to Maintain Standards

DigiTourShow Daily #076

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

14 Nov 2017

One of our Facebook members, Michael Glass, asked how he can maintain brand and service standards while the business expands.

There are several areas that can help, or hinder, these standards, and far too many to mention here, however let’s focus on service standards.

There are 2 areas I suggest you focus on…

  1. Customers
  2. Employees

Listen to your customers and ask for feedback. This is the only sure way of knowing if they are being catered for. Run a competition asking them to fill out a quick survey so you can gather insights.

And listen to your employees. They are on the ground providing your service so should be able to help create new ideas and highlight any shortcomings. If you are getting lots of complaints about a service, pinpoint who the main employee was and provide help or training.

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

It’s an age old saying that the website of a business is its hardest worker, as it interacts with more customers than any employee.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

The new Google mobile-friendly algorithm will come into effect on the 21st April.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

It’s not enough to simply optimise your website for top SEO success, as Google now takes into account your business location.

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