Why You Should Invest in Good Translation

Digital Tourism Show #196

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

8 Nov 2018

Justine Chrisment is a top tourism marketer with TMA and also runs her own business, The Language Distillery, providing translation services. Justine will explain 'Why Tourism Marketing Should Invest in GOOD Translation'. 

Scotland is one of the most popular holiday destinations for French tourists at the moment. And France is actually the third most important market for the Scottish tourism industry. However, very few of the websites that promote tours and activities in Scotland are available in French; this means that local businesses and tour operators miss out on big French business opportunities.

In this talk, we will discuss the importance of good translation: how it is vital to make information accessible to your target audience, and we'll discuss how well-translated content can be used as a unique selling point to win new business opportunities.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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When it comes to your website, it must be completely customer focused.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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Travel blogging can be highly rewarding however before you start you must have the basics in place first.

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