The Future of Tourism, Part 1

The Future of Tourism, Part 1 – DigiTourShow Daily #121

In episode #109 I made the statement that Facebook will become the saviour of travel, and I stand by that.

However, they will have competition and it will not come from Google from what I can see. It will come from the biggest social platform in China… WeChat.

WeChat acts like a Swiss Army Knife of apps. It allows you to socialise with friends, make purchases, book taxis, food and holidays all within the one app. Imagine if someone combined Facebook, Uber, JustEat, and Viator all in one app with a payment platform.

With close to 700 million users already, WeChat is set to dominate the world of social, and the way users interact with brands and booking travel related products.

Check out the video below for more information:


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Filming location: Tourism Marketing Agency, Glasgow, Scotland

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