How To Avoid Basket Abandonment On Your Website

If you are a retailer of any kind – selling holidays or hose pipes – then getting a customer into your shop, whether it’s physical or online, is a big deal. Once they are in your store or on your site and have found what they need, then your next challenge is to help them through the checkout process.

Here are a few top tips from TMA on making that process as smooth as possible – avoiding basked abandonment:

1. Your online point of sale needs to focus on what the customer values – simple, speedy and secure.

Base your online checkout process around these points.

2. Help the customer to make the purchase quickly.

Make your checkout process a one form, one-step process. It means that customers won’t need to wait on multiple pages re-loading and they will feel that the process is quick.

3. Have a guest check out option.

Of course, you want customers to register their details with you. You can make use of that data, after all. But the sale is more important. So, offer time poor customers the option to check out as a guest. You can always contact them later with incentives on why they should register with you.

4. Indicate what stage of the checkout process they are at.

It’s a good idea to have a step indicator on your page to show what stage they are at in the check out process. People will be reassured that they are moving through the process at pace.

5. Make any form filling painless.

From billing details, delivery details or customer registration details – always, always make your online forms easy and bug free. TMA has lots of experience in this area and can help you build a smooth and professional e-commerce website.

6. Have a clear call to action at each step.

Help customers understand what you need them to do at every stage. Have a clear and visible call to action, for example – ‘Please enter billing details’, or ‘Please enter your delivery address details’.

7. Think about returning customers.

Ensure repeat customers don’t have to enter their delivery details on every visit. Encourage guests to register at a later date so they can make their next visit even quicker.

8. Manage expectations.

Always be up front about the price and delivery cost. Make this clear as soon as the item is viewed and selected. And make sure that there are no surprises during the checkout process – this will help you avoid basket abandonment.

From our own experience earned from designing and building our clients’ websites, we find that it’s best to have a basked preview available throughout the checkout process.

9. Dangle a carrot.

Introducing promotional codes can be advantageous. As can the offer of free shipping and delivery, or other discounts. Each of these offers will maintain your customer’s attention and will encourage them to process their basket.

10. Show your safety and security credentials.

Online shopping is now part of our every day life. But you are only ever as good as your last sale, and you need to reassure customers that your site is safe and secure. Show your credentials clearly.

11. Offer help throughout the process.

Have your contact details and a list of easy to read Frequently Asked Questions visible so customers can either contact you or help themselves if they need to.

12. Live chat is even better!

At TMA, our experience has shown that having a live chat function on your website will really help secure a sale, or process a basket.

13. Immediately follow up the sale with a confirmation email.

Reassure the customer that the sale has gone through with a fast loading confirmation page. Then, immediately send them an email confirming the sale and delivery dates and details. Again, include contact details should they need to contact you.

Putting these steps into practise on your e-commerce website will definitely help you avoid basket abandonment. At TMA these are things we’ve already got experience of and have put into practice for our existing clients – so we know they work! If you’d like to find out more about how we’ve achieved results for our clients and how we might do the same for you, then please do call us today or contact us.

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