From Boom to Balance: Navigating the Travel Slowdown
I've been hearing from numerous tour operators and other travel businesses that, when compared to 2023, travel bookings in 2024 from a US outbound and domestic perspective have slowed.
Marketing to the Solo Female Traveller
A whopping 64% of all travellers worldwide are women, with 84% of these being solo travellers! Let that sink in.
Paying the Price: How Facebook's Paid Model Could Disrupt EU Advertising
Meta has announced that, beginning in November, EU members using Facebook and Instagram will have the option to access ad-free versions. What does this mean for marketing?
Customer Journey Toolkit
It's not just about making a sale; it's about recognising potential opportunities to enhance the customer experience and, in turn, boost your sales.
Ultimate tour page Layout for tour operators
Designing the perfect tour page is crucial for tour operators. It's the bridge between a visitor's interest and their decision to book.
Ultimate homepage Layout for Tour Operators
Drawing from years of developing bespoke websites and working with both major and minor tour operators, I've distilled the essence of an effective homepage.
Three Things Some Marketing Agencies Won’t Tell You
There is often very little open discussions about using marketing agencies and many tour operators and suppliers are regularly misled about what they can expect when working with an agency.
A man is standing in front of a city with neon lights, representing an eye-catching scene captured by a Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA).
Although an opinion, it is an educated guess to help you better understand what may be around the corner for tours and activities.
The Emperor's New ‘Threads’
Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter, launched the other week and the initial reaction to this has been mixed.
Chris’ Top 8 Strategies to Marketing to the Luxury Consumer
I asked the Tourpreneur community what marketing topics they would like to see me cover and targeting luxury consumers was high on the list.
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