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When you go on an adventure walking tour, you take time to plan your journey. What equipment you need, provisions, where you will camp, or glamp, along the predefined route you selected. This is no different from running your business.

If you wish your business to grow and succeed you first have to know which path you need to take before setting out on your journey.

With a little research, you can define your core values, mission, and goals. Determine your audience(s) and analyse the competition. Establish your USP (Unique Selling Point) and what makes your company stand out from the rest. Why you? Why would someone want to buy from you versus someone else who sells the same thing?

Branding is about creating your identity, your ethos; it’s about defining how you perceive your company and, more importantly, how you want your customers to perceive you.

In order to get to where you want to go, you need to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Don’t just think of the here and now. Where do you want your brand to be in five years from now? What about in 10 years?

They say it takes five years to establish a strong business. If this is true, why do so many business owners only think about the short term? For example, many tour and activity businesses concentrate on putting something out in the public domain as soon as possible without thinking how this may affect their long-term business.

If you do not plan your brand path properly, you will end up with a poorly conceived, inconsistent, ineffective brand with no direction. And guess what? All this does is give the impression of an unattractive, poorly run business.

Our team will help you define the values of your brand and set you along the right path to success.


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