Understanding The Power of Typography

Whilst Typography may be fundamentally about layout, line length, font size, colour and typeface, it has the power to make a great first impression, to evoke feelings, to guide visitors to important information and calls to action, to make content attractive, and to turn visitors into those all important paying customers.

First Impressions

First impressions last, and great Typography helps create a great first impression even before a single word of text has been read.

Evokes Feelings

Typography is powerful tool that can evoke feelings from website visitors. Fonts and colors can be used to promote branding, connect with and engage visitors, to create a perception of expectation about your company.

A Guide

Using different sizes of font can guide visitors to which information is most important in those valuable first few seconds when they click on your website. The white space around certain text can also be just as eye-catching; drawing attention to calls-to-action.

Makes Content Attractive

Whilst rubbish content presented in mesmerizing fonts won’t fool anyone for long, great content presented poorly is even less likely to be read. Presenting great content in the correct font will draw your audience’s attention, and allow the quality of your articles and blogs to keep them engaged and convey the full message.

Uniformity Breeds Comfort

We all want consumers to feel comfortable browsing our websites, and establishing uniform typography is a great way to make navigation easy and to encourage consumer to stay on our website until they’ve found what they were looking for. Never use too many fonts as this will make your website look chaotic.

Typography is an integral and important part of any website, and can have a huge impact on how long visitors stay on your website, and how many of those visitors are converted into customers.

Here at the Tourism Marketing Agency, our website designers know how to use Typography to make a great first impression, to entice and engage, to establish branding, to make content standout, and to turn visitors in customers.

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