Use Calendly’s new tool to drive consumer engagement

If you run a multi-day business or focus on group and corporate experiences, speaking to your potential customers is still the best way to close sales and even upsell new products. Because of the higher ticket price for many of these types of experiences, most consumers want to feel assured that you’re capable of delivering and exceeding their expectations. Because of this, consumers prefer direct contact with the operator.

One way you can drive leads and enquiries is to use Calendly so your customers can schedule a call with you and your team directly. However, the details you received from Calendly were minimal…until now.

Calendly has launched ‘Routing Forms’, which is a system that allows you to ask for details to help you conduct the call faster and know ahead of time what they are looking for.

Group sizes, budget, dietary requirements, travel dates, etc, can all be asked before they schedule a call. What this also does is add a layer of qualification to that lead, as they are more likely to appear in the scheduled call if they took the time to answer your questions.

If you wish to see how this works and how to set it up, please do follow my video guide here:

Also, look out for this and more strategies in my upcoming Tourpreneur Sprint on marketing for multi-day and custom products.



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