Why you must use Live Chat

Why you must use Live Chat – DigiTourShow Daily #023

Live chat is a much-underused tool that many tourism based businesses do not use.

Most give the excuse that they can’t afford to have someone manage this or sit at a computer waiting for questions.

This is 2017 people! If you don’t have the sales team to do it for you then a good live chat provider will offer a mobile app so you and your staff can be notified whilst you’re on the go.

You are not going to be inundated with live chats every minute of the day, if you are your website and content is simply not doing its job, but you may just close off a few extra sales or indeed, upsell to a more expensive product.

Live chat is an inexpensive way to add an extra communication channel for your customers and that can make them feel more welcome.

Filming location: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

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