10 Easy Ways To Make Doors Open On LinkedIn

LinkedIn can open many doors, but many people who use LinkedIn aren’t sure how to go about it.

Equally, those doors can shut quickly if you don’t take the right precautions. Here’s 10 ways to open those doors and keep them open – and they don’t require much effort.

1. Join Groups Who Offer Access To Your Target Audience: Some groups let you connect with other LinkedIn users, so use them to contact your target audience and invite them to be part of your network. A Premium upgrade isn’t required.

2. Turn-off Activity Broadcasts: Alerting your contacts to every little update you make to your profile – will annoy them. Change the “select who can see your activity feed” to the “only you” option.

3. Be Selective With Endorsements: Whilst many contacts are happy to endorse you for all sorts of skills, make sure the highest number of endorsements is for the skills you want to be known for. So don’t be afraid to delete endorsements that change this outlook.

4. Re-use and Repurpose Content: Constantly banging the same drum establishes brand consistency and reinforces your expertise within your community. Blog posts are easy to convert into activity updates.

5. Join Active Groups: Join active groups related to your industry and expertise as well as social groups that share your passions and social causes. That way, when others view your profile, they’ll understand your ethos and your brand.

6. Utilise Character Limits: Find outthe character limit for every section and utilise it by incorporating relevant keywords.

7. Share Your Opinion: Make your opinion clear in posts and groups to establish your expertise and, hopefully, a following.

8. Be selective: You don’t need to include every job you’ve ever had in your profile – when those details add nothing or even subtract from the remainder of your profile.

9. Re-post On Other Social Media Sites: Repurpose your great LinkedIn content and use it on other social media sites to increase consistency and your digital footprint.

10. Remember It Is A Profile: Profiles are not CVs. Let your personality shine through by using a conversational tone, and including values and passions.

Here at Tourism Marketing Agency we have opened many doors for our clients by creating interesting and purposeful LinkedIn profiles, and maintaining them in a way that keeps those doors open.

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