5 Reasons To Ramp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Multiple Channel Buying

80% of consumers use a variety of mediums to review and purchase products. These include emails, social media, websites and online advertising – oh, and we still occasionally go to the shops for a browse. However, more and more people check-out products from their computers, tablets and mobile phones before thinking of making a purchase – and more and more people are buying more online than ever before.

Armed with that knowledge, marketers are planning to significantly increase their digital marketing including email marketing, mobile marketing, social-media marketing and online advertising – and following in their footsteps looks a sure-fire way of avoiding haemorrhaging customers.

2. Multiple Channel Buyers Spend More

Research has shown that people who browse and buy through multiple channels often spend more on products and services than those who don’t.

This type of shopper tend to always be on the lookout for value-for-money products and services. They are also usually keen to share their views with their friends via social-media.

This type of customer is also excellent for providing consumer data and analytics.

3. Mobile Marketing Is Rising Exponentially

As more and more people invest in smartphones and tablets it is becoming more and more important for businesses to have a responsive website that adapts easily to the latest mobile technology. Reportedly, 78% of mobile searches eventually result in a purchase and, if that search results in a website that isn’t user-friendly, it’s likely that you’ll be kissing goodbye to a potential sale. If mobile customers click on your website and, unimpressed, remain there for only a few seconds – it may also register a “bounce” with Google – which can have a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

4. Consumers love engaging content

Today’s savvy consumer loves to be given a constant stream of engaging and informative content. They want to find answers to their questions easily and quickly, whilst many will share interesting articles, blogs and videos with their friends – all of which keeps customers coming back to your website and helps attract new customers.

5. Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

Despite many companies initial reluctance to move away from traditional marketing to invest money in digital and mobile marketing, many big companies are now reaping the reward – which is that Digital marketing Campaigns, on average, produce a higher ROI.

A perfect recent example of this would be Cadbury who, after its recent Dairy Milk campaign, revealed the 7% it invested in online marketing generated 20% of the campaign’s total sales.

Here at the Tourism Marketing Agency we pride ourselves on building user-friendly websites and running online and social media campaigns that generate a high return on investment for our customers.

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