Top 10 Video Marketing Ideas For Tourism, Part 1

DigiTourShow Daily #142

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

19 Jan 2018

Video is vital in and should be part of any marketing strategy. Here is the first part of my top 10 ideas that you can implement in your business…

1. Have the face of the business tell the story of the company and make it mean something to your customers.

2. Use an expert within the business to create an destination advice video.

3. Follow a tour guide or employee during their working day to create a ‘day in the life’ video.

4. Have your staff and guides create a video series explaining why they love doing what they do.

5. Show that you care by creating a customer care video

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Filming location: Tourism Marketing Agency, Glasgow, Scotland

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

More and more people check out products from their computers, tablets and mobile phones before thinking of making a purchase.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Chris Torres continues his advice on how to create a full brand experience from first click to journey's end.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

We had two great speakers and a room full of tourism professionals, business owners, marketers, and travel bloggers.

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