Four Ways To Make People Fall In love With Your Website

Website design needs to be able to seduce to make visitors fall in love with a website; and too much effort will probably repulse, whilst not enough effort will leave visitors feeling undesired.

Tact, charm, and honesty are all fundamental features of a great website, whilst it is also important to understanding basic human psychology and emotional protocols – so here are our top tips for making people fall in love with your website.

1. User Friendly

Website design needs to make a website engaging, fun, easy-to-use and productive, and its success can be measured through control and achievement.

Customer seduction is best achieved when the user always feels in control of their actions, and they follow your subtly placed prompts because they want to rather than feeling forced to.

Of course achievement can only be measured by how many customers are seduced into following your calls to action, whether that’s buying or subscribing to a product or service, or signing-up to, for example, your newsletter.

2. Understand your users

Understanding your users is paramount to creating your seduction technique, and there are several things to consider.

Popular opinion: if your product seems to be popular then it’s perceived value will increase. Testimonials, Twitter followers and Facebook likes can all help achieve this.

Exclusive club: Limited promotions promote the allure of exclusivity and can increase interest and demand.

Recognition: Good branding allows users to recognise more and think less – which makes the user feel more comfortable in your website environment.

Stimulating user senses: Engage with visuals and audio creates a fuller user experience.

3. Balance usability and enjoyment

Emotional stimuli have the power to help create a product that is loved rather than one that is practical and usable.

Typography, shapes and colours all have the power to make the mundane into a unique creation that feels fun and makes the user want to try it – which is sometimes all it takes to get ahead of your competitors.

4. Delight Your Customers

  • Mascots: many users love the universality of their appeal.
  • Surprises: Photojojo can be used to create unexpected animations such as a balloon that floats up into the shopping-cart. Sure it’s a bit of fun, but it’s amazing how many people like to show it to the friends the next time they buy from you.
  • Trust — Build trust with product pictures that match descriptions — as this leads to customer satisfaction, and great testimonials.
  • Free gifts — Newsletters, special offer tokens, or advice booklets are all ways of offering your customers something for free.

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