Responsible Tourism: Ethics Marketed Accurately

The World is becoming ever more accessible – and not just through the World Wide Web.

Whilst travelling to exotic locations and meeting a wide and varied degree of social communities was once the right of the privileged few – more and more people are exploring different corners of the world to see how other people live and experience their cultures.

Today’s new brand of global travellers want travel experiences with a difference. They want to experience real communities and visit fantastic authentic phenomena – and they are willing to travel long-haul to do it. Equally, they are aware of what these communities need to be able to provide and sustain these ethical adventures.

Today’s travellers tend to be well-educated and take time to understand the economics and politics of their intended destinations, often visiting places that are empathetic with their own ethics – and understanding the positive social impact that increasing tourism can have on these communities.

They no longer expect their holiday budget to end up solely in the pockets of entrepreneurs, and expect that some of the money they pay for their holidays will be used to help improve local areas – and in turn make these places even nicer to visit in the future.

It is therefore the responsibility of holiday companies to purchase global travel products that encourage the support and growth of these types of local communities – and not just market products in ways that suggests they do.

Therefore some of the many challenges are the design and creation of better products, to make them accessible and inclusive to the people who actively seek to take this type of holiday, and to market them ethically, responsibly and effectively.

Harold Goodwin, a global stalwart of this kind of initiative, says, “Being responsible in the tourism arena helps to lower costs, has significantly lower impact on the environment, contributes to building better places for people to live and consequently better places for people to visit. It just makes perfect sense.”

And here at The Tourism Marketing Agency – we totally agree!

TMA is proud to have helped lots of ethical tourist companies whose ethos is to provide tourists with holidays and trips that help build local communities. We’ve designed and created state-of-the art websites, like grayline.com and macsadventure.com, to showcase their products to the world, and we’ve helped them obtain, monitor and analyse data that helps them to make cost-effective decisions. We’ve also helped them grow and continue to help them prosper.

To learn more about how TMA can help your business, please call us on 0141 221 2090, or drop into our Glasgow Studio and discuss your requirements over a cup of coffee.

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