The importance of Mobile Responsive Design

People all over the world are using their mobile phone or tablet to do tasks online which could only previously be done at a computer – sending and receiving emails, shopping, social media interactions, etc.

So, to make sure your website continues to perform well against these trends, you need to make it mobile responsive.

What a mobile responsive site is

A mobile responsive site is a seamless site that suits a desktop and a mobile device. It retracts to fit a mobile device automatically. And, for some savvier web users it has become an expectation. However, many business websites have not yet updated – and this could mean a potential loss in revenue and opportunities!

So, if you have a website, which isn’t yet mobile responsive, here are some interesting reasons on why it may be a good idea to update your site:

The rise and rise of mobile internet usage

  • This year, research by Morgan and Stanley has stated that mobile internet usage is expected to take over desktop internet usage
  • Over one quarter of the mobile phones in the world are now smart phones
  • Over one fifth of Google searches take place from a mobile device
  • Research carried out in the USA showed that one quarter of internet users in the United States only access the internet on a mobile device – and all the data points to the fact that this is a trend that is likely to be adopted around the world

Google loves a mobile responsive site. And this is a big sign of why you need to update!

  • Google, the biggest search engine in the world (on the basis of market share) prefers mobile responsive web design. They prefer a website to only use one URL (web address) so Google doesn’t have to crawl two separate websites when it is indexing website data. Having one, mobile responsive site is more efficient for them. This proves that mobile responsive design is better than having two sites – a main website and a separate mobile friendly website.

It will boost your brand perception

  • Your users will be able to share and engage with the site better if you have just one (mobile responsive) website. In fact 61% of users have a better opinion of brands if they have a mobile responsive site.

It’s positive for search engine optimisation

  • It’s better for your search engine optimisation also because the user will always be viewing the optimum version of your site, and are less likely to leave because your website isn’t working on their device. This reduces your bounce rate and helps your search engine optimisation.

It’s healthier for your conversion rate

  • Having a mobile responsive site increases your business’s chance of conversion. If a customer can view your site well, regardless of the device they are operating from, then they will be more inclined to buy/engage from you. And given that more and more people are shopping from their tablet, this is an important factor for your revenue.

You will understand more about your user’s needs

  • Once you have a mobile responsive site, you can easily refine it thanks to the new technology out there which allows you to analyse how mobile users use your site. You can’t have a successful social media strategy without one!
  • Social media is mobile. So if you have got a social media strategy, you need a mobile responsive site, the two go hand in hand. A recent study by Com Score showed that 55% of social media consumption happens on a mobile device.

And, it’s future proof

  • By investing in mobile responsive web design you will be able to keep up with the developments in technology because the design is based on screen size and not device. This means that regardless of the screen size, your site will always render correctly and will still look good. You will also be up to date with the technology that’s coming down the line – like glasses and watches which can surf!

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, here’s a handy calculator which Google has put together called ‘Understand the full value of mobile for your business.. Add in the various details about your business and it will calculate the benefit of mobile responsive design.

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