13 steps to delivering an effective email campaign

If you have a customer database then email marketing is the route to staying in contact with that list. 

However, in recent years it’s a channel that has been abused by spammers and as a result it’s more difficult than it used to be to get a result.

So, marketers need to be even more creative. And even more original. Here’s TMA’s thirteen steps for delivering a successful email marketing campaign:

1. Have a goal

  • Have a clear goal for each newsletter and your overall email marketing strategy
  • It’s a good idea to base these on measurements – like the open rate you want to achieve, the click-through rate, click-to-open rate.

2. Use an email marketing provider

  • Check out who the providers are
  • The top three include mailchimp, constant contact and AWeber
  • Look at their deals. What they offer? Who are you best aligned to?

3. Cleanse and organise your database

  • Verify email addresses. There’s a selection of tools on the market to help you do this.
  • Remove any data that’s out of date
  • Bring in any other contacts you’ve picked up form your website or sales processes.
  • Remember that they should have opted in to your email in the first place!

4. Encourage more people to opt in to your emails

  • Add a ‘register for updates / newsletter’ form to your website / or to multiple pages of your website
  • If you have a customer enquiry form, add an ‘opt in to our email newsletter’ tick box
  • Do the same to any order confirmation forms you send out electronically.

5. Segment your audience

  • By doing this you will minimise the chances of people unsubscribing
  • Understand what your audience needs are and design content around this

6. Optimise your brand

  • Above all, make it clear who the email is from, so use your brand name in the ‘from’ field
  • Ensure your logo is positioned well and is clear
  • Make the email similar to the look of your website. Consistency breeds familiarity

7. Design

  • Have a clear call to action
  • Make the design encourage people to read the content
  • Make sure the email is compatible. Particularly with mobiles. Test and check.
  • Optimise the ‘alt’ text. Some mail clients will not display all the images and will only use the ‘alt’ text. So make it count too.

8. Link your plan to your content marketing plan

  • Have a clear call to action linked to your goal – listed above
  • Call to action should be prominent and above the fold of the email
  • Be clear about your call to action so the reader understands. Don’t be too clever!

9. Effective landing page

  • Direct email recipients to a landing page which is clear yet persuades the customer to convert

10. Make the copy the best it can be

  • Do it yourself if you prefer but look at other newsletters to understand best practise
  • Or, even better, employ an expert to do the copywriting.

11. Make the subject line the best ever headline which is sure to grab attention

  • Use the line to encourage recipients to open – encouraging, enticing, tempting.
  • Make it short and snappy and based around your brand name

12. Timing is everything

  • Suggest a time limit to the offer you are communicating
  • Pick the best time to send the email – usually first thing in the morning to grab attention of email users checking their accounts

13. Analyse. Analyse. Analyse.

  • Measure the click-throughs and open rates
  • Measure how many and who converted
  • Work out the return in investment

If you would like to speak to TMA about email marketing for your business/organisation, then please call: 0141 221 2090 or contact us.

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