Important Announcements and the Future of The Digital Tourism Show

Welcome everyone to the Digital Tourism Show, the first of 2022 so Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a fantastic break.

I wanted to use the time in this episode to provide you all with a few exciting announcements of things I am looking to launch in 2022, as well as an update on the future of this very show, so let’s start with the Digital Tourism Show.

When I first launched this show back in January 2017, my main aim was to help educate tourism businesses on effective ways to grow their business through online marketing, and many of the episodes have fulfilled this promise.

The show then evolved into providing insights from others in the industry, which in itself has added incredible value, but for me personally, I feel the show has lost its original focus and I want to go back to its roots, so this year, the show will be providing a lot less of these interview style shows and go back to providing actionable marketing advice. This will start with a new series of 5-min workshops, which will be launching in the coming weeks. I will do a separate video next week on what this will entail.

The second big announcement is that I am currently working on a follow up to my book, How To Turn Your Lookers Into Bookers, entitled, ‘The Lookers into Bookers Marketing Blueprint.’

The aim of this book is to guide tourism businesses through a full marketing strategy from start to finish, highlighting each step of the consumer’s purchase journey and how you can guide them towards booking with your company. Not only that, it will help advise on what you should do during experience and after.

The book will highlight a real company and the journey they will take to become successful, as well as highlight the results of the strategy they will take. The book will come with actionable tasks and worksheets so you can implement this in your own business.

The third announcement is that following the book, I will be launching ‘The Lookers into Bookers Marketing Blueprint’ workshops. These will be in-person workshops that will use the blueprint from the book, to further guide those who wish to take their business to the next level. More on that in the coming months.

These are just some of the initiatives that I have planned for 2022 and more will be announced soon so please do keep on the lookout for more updates coming soon.

Until then, stay safe and keep positive as I do feel 2022 will be the year we are all wishing it to be.

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