Marketing to the Solo Female Traveller
A whopping 64% of all travellers worldwide are women, with 84% of these being solo travellers! Let that sink in.
Customer Journey Toolkit
It's not just about making a sale; it's about recognising potential opportunities to enhance the customer experience and, in turn, boost your sales.
The 30 Second Video Challenge: Tips on Shooting video
This will get you not only used to recording video, but also allow you to test how your audience on your social platforms engage with it.
Create your own Cash-flow Crystal Ball and Predict the Future
Create your own crystal ball... a 2-year cash-flow predictor that allows you to see how your business will look like over the next 2 years.
Looking at Your Customer Purchase Journey - 5 minute Workshop
Look at your customers' purchase journey and determine if there are any gaps in your sales and marketing and sales.
The Sales Process for Enquiry Based Tourism Products
Dedicating even just one hour on sales per day can make all the difference. With this episode, I show you how to interact with your potential customers.
Build up Your Customer Reviews & Brand Trust
Reviews are the lifeblood for any tourism business as it can be all the difference between someone selecting your experience over another.
Launching 5 Minute Marketing Workshops
These are designed to give you quick to-do’s that don’t take up much of your time but will help you grow your business.
Important Announcements and the Future of The Digital Tourism Show
I wanted to use the time in this episode to provide you all with a few exciting announcements of things I am looking to launch in 2022
How Technology is Changing the Tour & Activity Landscape
Murray and myself have a chat about how technology is changing within the tourism sector, specifically tours and activities.
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