Sell your products on your Facebook & Instagram Accounts

Welcome to the Digital Tourism Show Episode 272 and in this 5-min workshop I want you to add your top selling products to your Facebook Business Page.

With more and more consumers finding products on platforms other than your own website, it is becoming more important than ever to show your experiences in a place where your customers ‘hang-out’. This is no different to social media, but what most operators that I chat with don’t realise, is that you can add your experiences to a Facebook business page and Instagram account.

With this 5-minute workshop, I want you to follow the guide I have provided within the link in the show notes on how to add your own products to these social media giants.

By adding your products to Facebook and Instagram, this does not mean they become another booking platform for your business. In the US only (at time of writing), Facebook does offer a way to accept payments over the social platform through a partner like Spotify, but this will not connect to your current reservation system or availability calendar… yet… but you can set this up so that when a consumer clicks on one of these products, they are then taken to the product page on your website to find out more information and potentially complete the direct booking.

If you only have a handful of activities, I will show you how to add these individually, but if you have a large number of them, I will also show you how to bulk upload all your products at once.

We will break this down into 5-minute tasks that you will conduct and complete within the next 1-7 days, depending on how many tours and activities you wish to add.

For me, this is a no brainer as it is giving you the opportunity to promote your tours, activities and whatever other tourism focused products you have… absolutely free.

Download the guide here: https://tourismmarketing.agency/tourism-marketing-reports/

Join the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/digitaltourismshow

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