The 30 Second Video Challenge: Tips on Shooting video

Welcome to the Digital Tourism Show Episode 271 and in this 5-min workshop I want you to do something a little more creative.

Tours operators, guides and customer facing staff all have one thing in common and that is interacting with customers. They show their passions for their destinations, share their stories and guide them through the amazing things a destination has to offer.

If this is you, you have got what it takes to do what you do day in, day out, in video format and share on social media so other potential customers can get to know you before booking. This helps make a connection even before you meet them in person.

I understand that many of you are a little put off recording video as you start thinking about how you are going to edit the footage, add music or add a nice intro… forget all that. With this workshop I am going to make it super easy for you. All I want you to do is take your phone, head out to a nice part of your destination that you know well, maybe a hidden gem, and film one 30 second video per day for the next 7 days and post up, as raw as it may be, on your social platforms.

This will get you not only used to recording video, but also allow you to test how your audience on your social platforms engage with it. Was there a specific video that really engaged with your audience? If so, maybe more of this type of content will help persuade someone to book with you.

To help, I have provided a guide on planning and shooting video, which you can download in the show notes below. I love video marketing so I can’t wait to see what you all produce and feel free to post some of your best videos in the comments section of the relevant post on my Facebook Group.

Download the guide here: https://tourismmarketing.agency/tourism-marketing-reports/

Join the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/digitaltourismshow

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