How to use Tourism Trends to your Advantage

In the travel industry, like most others, there are trends and fashions that influence customers.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

7 Dec 2015

In the travel industry, like most others, there are trends and fashions that influence customers. Some things come into vogue and others go out, to make the most of every customer you need to keep ahead of these to provide them with what they’re looking for.

To do this you can employ a number of techniques to be the best site on the market and attract the attention of even more customers.

Promote Your USP

The first thing to do is to ensure and publicise the unique elements of your tours as these are the best ways to sell your tours. People will be looking for the holiday of a lifetime and you should be showing them that your tours will make those special memories.

It's All About Experiences

The type of travel that customers want is different now, they don’t want the traditional tourist experience as they’d rather see the grass roots version of the country that there is. They also want to change their experience to suit their tastes, so the more options you can give them the better.

We’re also seeing an emergence of adventure based and specialised holidays, with activities as well as tours. This offers the potential buyer a snapshot of fun and excitement, which can help them decide to book with your company.

The Luxury Market

The luxury market is stable, as there are always those who want to spend more for the best experience. You should cater to this market by offering a few higher end choices mixed in with other budget ranges.

Making sure that your website is mobile optimised will allow more users to access your website on the go. Use blogs and social media to interact with your customers and place polls to find out what they’re looking for. Keeping ahead of current events in the market will allow you to determine where they’ll want to go and why.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

It’s not enough to simply optimise your website for top SEO success, as Google now takes into account your business location.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

When driving online traffic to your site you want to make the most of every visitor that comes through the doors.
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Peter Wright

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