10 Ways Your Homepage Can Make A Lasting Impression

It has to make a lasting, great first impression, advertise your products and services, and turn those visitors into customers. 

In order to achieve this, make sure your homepage optimizes the following 10 components:

1. Great Headlines

Visitors want to know at a glance what your company is all about – and great headlines tell them what to expect if they stay and browse. Sub-headings can then be used to elaborate each headline with short descriptions.

2. Social Media Links

Today’s consumers like to feel part of something bigger, and many like to engage with companies through social media. Strategically placed social media links encourage potential customers to engage with your company and allows them to follow your posts via any of the popular mobile gadgets that most of us now use to organise our daily lives.

3. Easy Navigation

Visitors hate to waste time and effort trying to navigate their way around websites and are likely to quickly leave and check-out a competitor’s website if yours isn’t a pleasure to browse. Make text, links and descriptions easily visible and easy-to-follow.

4. Call to Action

Customers like to quickly know the expectations of the company, and calls-to-action to buy products and subscribe to services should be clear and bold.

5. Contact Information

Your website is there to help you generate leads, so don’t scare those potential leads away by making it hard to find your contact information. Email addresses, business addresses and telephone numbers should all be easily visible.

6. Profiling Video

Explainer videos are one of the easiest ways to explain what your company does and also the ethos behind it, if that is a good selling point. Short videos engage visitors, whilst long videos are tedious, so keep it under two minutes.

7. Testimonials

Many of us like to see what other people think before we buy, and testimonials are a great way of allowing people to see what your current customers think of the products and services you offer.

8. Quality Images

A picture can tell a thousand words is as true today as it ever was, and customers love to see pictures of a works premises and happy employees as they make your company real.

9. Have A Link To Your Blog

A blog is a great place to keep customers up-to-date with everything that is happening, and a link to it from your homepage allows potential customers who want to know more about your company to find it easily.

10. List Your Awards

Awards tend to impress consumers as everyone likes to be associated with popular brands as it makes them feel part of a club.

So make your homepage make that great first impression – because you might not get a second chance!

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