A group of hikers enjoying a break on a rock.
ALL tour operators should provide a self-guided option of their products, be you a day tour or multi-day operator.
Announcing Some Changes at TMA
It is safe to say that the last two years have been incredibly difficult, but now the time is right for a change.
A Free Tour Operator Website Offering You Full Control
TMA now provides a free WordPress website for your tourism business with every marketing package we offer… even our entry level package.
TMA Launch a new Website
Much has changed over the last few years, we needed a site that reflected who we are!
The digital tourism show with cara dzivane focuses on digital marketing for tours and activities in the tourism industry.
Cara will be discussing how tour operators and accommodation providers can optimise their products with the corporate traveller in mind.
The TMA's digital tourism show featuring a man and a woman.
Lee MacGregor, Mitchell MacGregor PR, will be discussing how PR can help boost any tourism brand and the best ways to approach PR.
How to Optimize Google My Business for Tour Operators
The opportunities for brand exposure are endless; so long as you build a strong presence across the board.
Guide to Using (and not using) Stock Images
Good images and video are important to most industries, but they are especially important to the tourism sector.
Keeping Customer Attention Without Repetition
At its simplest — and it’s rarely simple — marketing is an attempt to grab and hold on to your desired customers’ attention.
How to Structure the Perfect Blog
We’d like to talk about structuring the perfect blog, looking at the title, the introduction, the subheadings, the links, and the conclusion.
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