Five tips on Managing Content in the Digital Age

The IT and marketing departments of many businesses are now required to collaborate on numerous levels to ensure informative and engaging content is delivered across multiple media-platforms including online, mobile and social-media. 

Consumers are also demanding that content adapts seamlessly across multiple platforms, and that it is user-friendly in regard to being easy-to access and easy-to-read.

This is why Responsive Web Design and informative and engaging content now go together like hand and glove, and if you current website doesn’t automatically reconfigure content to make it user-friendly for modern mobile-device users then you may be sacrificing potential sales – as potential customers are likely to quickly look elsewhere.

Whether you have a responsive website or not, it’s still important to constantly check to see if you’re managing your content correctly – and here are 5 great tips to make sure you are!

1. Appropriate Content

When it comes to reading content, consumers have so many options nowadays, and it’s important to continually engage and inform existing customers with interesting blogs, articles, infographics and even videos. Interesting content is also more likely to be shared via social-media channels and is therefore more likely to attract new customers.

2. Easy To Find

Although Google now shuns poorly written and inappropriate content stuffed with keywords, incorporating the latest terminology and trending phrases in your blogs and articles should allow consumers looking for information on that subject to be able to find your content more easily. This can have also have a positive effect on your Google and search-engine rankings.

3. Organise & Categorise Content

If you have a blog or articles on your website that cover a diverse range of subjects, then it may be a good idea to put sub-headings in so consumers can quickly find more articles on the same subject. If consumers read multiple articles when they visit your website this should also help your search engine rankings.

4. Search Option

A search option can be used as an alternative or additional method of finding content, and is something that more and more businesses are incorporating into their websites.

5. Managing Content Over Multiple Platforms

Of course, if your consumers can find your content easily – so can you. This can save you time and money if you decide to target new social-media platforms with a marketing campaign. Social media marketing is increasing exponentially and, with new platforms starting up all the time, having organised content allows you to take advantage of new opportunities quickly.

Managing content in the digital age isn’t as hard as it may sound, and here at the Tourism Marketing Agency we’ll be happy to discuss all your content marketing needs.

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