Adapt or Lose: The Importance of Consent Mode for Google Ads

As if navigating through data law restrictions for marketing wasn’t enough, here’s another curveball: if you’re running Google Ads within the EU/UK, you’re now required to have a Cookie Bot on your website by March 2024 to continue running those ads! While this doesn’t seem to be affecting other countries just yet, I have a feeling it might become a global requirement sooner rather than later.

Let’s Dive into Google’s Consent Mode

Google’s Consent Mode puts the power in our hands when it comes to tracking and tagging users based on their consent status. When someone visits our website, they’re given the choice to opt in or out of cookies and other tracking technologies for personalised ads. If they opt out, Consent Mode adjusts its behaviour to respect their decision while still providing advertisers with the necessary data to work their magic.

Key Features of Consent Mode

Firstly, there’s conversion measurement. Consent Mode allows us to measure ad performance even if users opt out of tracking cookies. It’s like a workaround that keeps everyone happy, maintaining user privacy while still giving us valuable insights.

Then, there’s ad personalisation. For those who consent to tracking, we can serve up personalised ads based on their browsing habits. But for those who prefer to keep things low-key, ads will be tailored based on context rather than individual data.

Deadline for Implementation

Google has set a firm deadline for implementing Consent Mode on our websites of March 2024. If we want to avoid any disruptions to our Google ad services, we need to integrate Consent Mode by the specified date. Failing to do so could result in penalties and a blow to our ad revenue – definitely not something we want to risk.

Challenges and Considerations

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the implementation challenges. While Consent Mode offers great benefits, getting it set up on our websites may require some technical know-how. Plus, ensuring smooth operation across various platforms and devices is crucial. And let’s not forget, implementing Consent Mode may come with a cost that we need to factor in.


Running Google ads in the EU/UK? You can’t afford to overlook this requirement. Failing to implement Consent Mode could mean your ads won’t run at all.

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