Big Trends in Digital Tourism in 2015

So far 2015 has seen many positive changes in the tourism industry, particularly in relation to digital tourism and the ability for users to make travel decisions at their fingertips. Here are some of the biggest digital trends in tourism industry and what they could mean for you:

1 in 3 travel searchers want to complete their booking on the same day they are browsing

As online and mobile technology improves, users are expecting more immediacy from their devices and impulses. Users looking online for a holiday may often have a time or destination in mind, and due to the nature of the tourism industry, they want to book fast before seats are filled and prices increase. This means tour operators must consider offering an e-commerce solution whereby visitors can then book their trip or excursion instantly. This will also lead to faster conversions and a better lead time.

26% of travellers would generate positive content if they were rewarded through loyalty schemes

One thing which is important in the tourism industry is feedback, and particularly that posted by users online on acclaimed sites like Trip Advisor. This means that marketers should consider a strategy which incorporates some sort of reward for reviewing their experience on these sites, promoting on Twitter or reviewing on Facebook. This can be anything from a points based bonus scheme to a one-off discount code dependent on your business needs.

60% of mobile users have downloaded a travel app

This is already over half of your user base which needs to be considered. From this 60%, just under half will then book through the app. Going by the stats on this trend alone, it’s important to consider your mobile offering. Do you have a fully mobile optimised website? Do you have an app or are you planning to launch one? Tourism Marketing Agency are experts at providing mobile responsive websites for tour operators, with clients reporting massive increases in conversions thanks to the increasing number of mobile users they now reach.

To go along with this, it has been discovered that tablet users spend on average 54% more than those using smartphones, and 21% more than those using desktop. As the highest income looks to be gained from mobile devices, improving your mobile web products and presence has never been so potentially lucrative.

Almost 50% of travellers consulting social media change their travel plans afterwards

Social media is an undeniably useful tool, however it’s also unpredictable and can make or break your reputation if you don’t have a proper digital strategy in place to manage it. Almost half of travel customers using social media will change their plan in terms of accommodation, restaurant choices or hotel choices based on previous customers’ feedback on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Trip Advisor. This is why it’s more important than ever to ensure you have an active social media presence, and take on board any negative social media output. In a positive light, negative reviews or feedback can be perceived as free market research which allows you to change and improve your offering as a result.

Big Trends in Digital Tourism in 2015

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