Create your own Cash-flow Crystal Ball and Predict the Future

Welcome to Episode 270 of the Digital Tourism Show and in this 5-min workshop I want you to create your own crystal ball… a 2-year cash-flow predictor that allows you to see how your business will look like over the next 2 years.

I have been using a cash-flow crystal ball for the past 10 years and have found it invaluable for planning for the future. Once set up, you will not only have a complete overview of how healthy your business is but it also helps you see into the future and give you the facility to play about with your figures to see how a price increase, a new product or new member of staff will affect your profitability.

Many business owners live month by month, day by day even and have no true sense of how healthy their business is. When asked what is your average monthly sales or how many tours you did in June, it tends to be guesswork.

Within the show notes of this episode, I have provided you with both a Google sheet and an excel file that you can use to create your own cash-flow crystal ball. I have also supplied an example sheet so you can see how it looks with data in place.

I want you to spend 5 min a day, for as long as it takes, to eliminate the guesswork and get to grips with how profitable your business is by using the provided sheet and update with your information.

To help further, below is another link to a video on how to use the spreadsheet. This is not just great insight into your business but it allows you to make more informed marketing decisions. mAre you paying over the odds for paid ads, commissions or that expensive coffee you get yourself every day. It really helps you predict the potential future of your business and plan accordingly.

Please leave your comments on my Digital Tourism Show facebook group and let me know how you get on, especially if it throws up a few surprises.

Download the guide here: https://tourismmarketing.agency/tourism-marketing-reports/

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