Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself for a Successful Website Redesign

An out dated website can drive away potential new customers as it can give the wrong message, to combat this business owners should consider a more modern website redesign.

It’s a good decision to make, as a high quality website will lead to new referrals, but there are 5 questions you should be asking yourself throughout the redesign process.

1. What is your main goal or objective?

Decide what your website’s goal is; has it to be informative, sell a product or offer a service? This is your most important question as it will inform the rest of your website decisions. By asking yourself this question during decisive moments you’ll cut to the heart of any issue to keep your website cohesive.

2. Are you appealing to your target market?

Keep your visitor in mind too, at every stage in the process question whether you’re hitting your target market. If you’re making a website for professionals then you won’t want a garish theme or overly busy pages, keep it clean and simple to appeal to your visitors.

3. Why did customers not buy from your previous website?

Evaluating the reasons that customers aren’t immediately buying from you will boost your revenue exponentially. Consider if you’re giving them all the information they need to make their decision, if you’re not they may be going elsewhere to research and not coming back.

4. What are my competitors doing?

You should also be questioning competitors’ strategies and whether or not they’re effective. Looking at the industry standard and market leaders can serve to inspire your own design and content, be careful not to follow them too closely though as you don’t want to copy theirs.

5. What message do you want to get across?

Finally ask yourself what the message is that you’re hoping to give visitors to your site and make sure your new theme is in keeping with this. If you want to project a speedy and convenient service then make sure that your website reflects this by having an easy to navigate and responsive design.

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