How Often Should I Update Our Website?

It’s an age old saying that the website of a business is its hardest worker, as it interacts with more customers than any employee. This means that you want to keep this as current as possible but many site owners are unsure of how often they should add new content.

Blog Often

Daily blogs can be seen as too much effort and it’s not long before the content can become stale. Weekly updates are better, as it ensures that your customer is kept up to date without it becoming too frequent. Mixing news about the business with general information, like the best places to visit in a country, will strike a good balance for the business.

Think About SEO

This will tie in with a Search Engine Optimisation plan for the business, as people will be searching for these tips. A user may not be searching for your business specifically but if they’re looking for travel tips then your site will appear in their results. This brings a new visitor and potential customer to your business that you would not otherwise have had.

Update the Content

Updating the static content on a site is key too, especially if your business has moved or changed phone number. Keep contact details current and in an easily visible position, as these are some of the most important details for your customer.

Google Your Own Company

Ensure that you search for your company from time to time, as this will show you how people feel about the business. Check out reviews for your company on other sites, such as Yelp, and then take time to update your profile on these sites. Responding to reviews is another form of updating your online presence and this can also greatly benefit the business. Register your business on the maps feature of search engines, as this will automatically provide your customer with contact details when they search for you. It also makes it easier for customers to come and visit you because they can simply enter your business name into their maps app.

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