How to Achieve Better ROI from Email Marketing

In the age of digital marketing, e-mail marketing has thrived. Although there are preventative measures in place for potential customers to block so-called spam, it is relatively easy to collect an email database and market to these people to your advantage.

However in order to market effectively through email campaigns, there are a few tips you should follow in order to ensure that you can achieve better ROI from each marketing email you send:

Capture readers with your design and copy

It may be the most obvious point to consider, but if you do not have a well-designed email template with punchy copy, recipients aren’t going to want to read. Start with the basics of coding email templates and the design you wish to use. You’ll want the design to be mobile optimised as this is where most readers access their emails. Place your CTA in the ideal location (ideally above the fold) whilst considering where would be best for finger targets as well as desktop users.

Conduct List Management

This is one of the most important things to consider when conducting email marketing. If you maintain your list properly, this can ensure that the emails you’re sending will reach out to recipients who are specifically interested in receiving emails about your products or services. Maintaining your email list hygiene is also important as this helps your domain reputation and can help prevent your UP from being blacklisted. Be sure to update your list regularly, taking care to remove recipients who have requested to be removed or have unsubscribed, removing those which are invalid or bad addresses and timing the frequency of emails.

Identify the best time to send emails

Now you have your list in place and email template ready to go, the main thing to consider is the time and day you’re sending your campaign, as this can have an impact on the maximum reach and of course response rate. Many recipients fail to engage purely because of the time of day the email is sent. Times vary from industry to industry, so you might find that a campaign about an online shopping discount does well before 9am or at lunchtime, due to people commuting to work or reading on their lunch time with a few spare minutes to purchase something.

Always test

Before you go hitting the send button, be sure to test out your email. Then test it again, and once more to make sure everything displays and works properly. It’s important to consider email clients, device platforms and much more when testing your email to make sure it renders properly and displays correctly. Test everything from the subject line to personalisation tags, text, spam compliance, external links and so much more to ensure the email ends up received and read the way you intend it to.

Email marketing can be a fun, yet cost-effective way of boosting your revenue by both engaging your existing customers and encouraging them to become repeat buyers or users, as well as reaching out to those interested in your product, but who may not previously have made a purchase. However in order to get the most from this it is vital to go all out and make sure you perfect the above tips, along with many more which will be specific to your industry, product or service, so that your emails are read, recognised and enjoyed by recipients.

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