A Free Tour Operator Website Offering You Full Control
TMA now provides a free WordPress website for your tourism business with every marketing package we offer… even our entry level package.
TMA Launch a new Website
Much has changed over the last few years, we needed a site that reflected who we are!
Using SMS to Grow Your Tour Business
In this episode Chris chats with Daniel Pino of TourOpp Go on how SMS messaging can help grow your tour business and some of the methods this medium can be used.
Travel Planning for Consumers
We discuss the consumer journey and how Levantr fits into the all important planning/dreaming stage while generating revenue for travel providers.
How Data, Big or Small, Can Help Grow your Tourism Business
Joshua will lead a session to explore how Scotland’s tourism sector can get started in using data technologies.
COVID Marketing, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Growth
Chris answers questions concerning Facebook advertising, email marketing, business development and growth, as well as covering other topics.
How UnTour Food Tour Have Been Affected by Coronavirus
Kyle Long will be discussing how his business has been affected by the coronavirus and the launch of No Appetite for Ignorance.
The Effects of OTAs in the Tour Industry and the Future of Reservation Systems
Chris Atkin discusses the effects of Online Travel Agents (OTAs) in the tour and activity industry and the future of reservation systems.
Travel Massive Glasgow’s September Event
We heard from Wes Beard from Total Chatbots & David Bulloch from Travelport.
How Online Booking Systems Work
The internet has changed the way consumers interact with a brand for good. The market dictates new rules of availability.
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