How to Effectively Advertise Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism market is saturated with advertisements from all different companies, and you want yours to stand out.

Online advertising is one of the most effective ways to do so and there are a number of things that you can do to make this work for you.

Use Keywords

Using keywords on your website will allow you to become more easily searchable and increase the volume of those seeing your site. Having the best keywords on your site that lead to the most conversions is a matter of experience and if you don’t have this insight it’s best to speak with a company that does.

Think About a Budget

Ideally you want your budget to be used in areas that benefit your company the most and to make a good return on your investment. Conversions in the travel market work slightly differently to other sectors as the rate of conversions for this market is 1.45% compared to 4.23% in other areas. This means that your advertisements must do more to help you reach more people and improve the amount of customers.

Get Inspiration

Following the example of successful travel based businesses can give you ideas and begin to kick start your campaigns. Be careful when using this tactic however, as you don’t want to become a carbon copy of another business.

Paid Advertisements

Using advertisements through Google is a trend that will stick around in this industry for the foreseeable future. There are many paid advertisement services and a mixture of the most successful ones will bring you a better return. Mobile advertisements are becoming more and more relevant for this industry as we’re seeing an increased amount of mobile bookings. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns through Google can also offer a great return and with Facebook advertisement you can target the audience that you want.

With all advertising campaigns the key to success is often planning and budgeting. Watching where you spend your money and what returns it is offering will help guide you towards the best places to allocate your cash.

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