Why Facebook is Important for your Business

When Facebook first launched in 2004 no one could have predicted the effect that it would have on the public. It now influences many people’s lives, as we use it for everything from time wasting to business decisions.

One of the main reasons your business should be using Facebook is the sheer size of the audience.

Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users worldwide and a brand page can be used effectively to target these potential customers

These users spend on average 55 minutes each day on the site or app, and they could be using this time to learn about your business.

The integration of Facebook with corporate websites has also led to a boom in the numbers that interact with a page. This is important as engagement is a building block for these brands because of the mechanics that Facebook uses. The average Facebook user has around 338 friends and when one friend interacts with a brand this creates a ripple effect through their personal network. Those who have a high affinity score with a friend will see their comments and interactions with a page and can find out more about your business.

Facebook has now made it easier than ever for consumers to learn about, rate and review businesses – which impacts how they view a brand. Giving this space for customers to feedback on the business makes it appear more credible and trustworthy.

Social media is also invaluable when it comes to your SEO score, which determines where your company appears on search results

This affects just how many users will see your brand when searching for products and services that you offer. Placing feeds and social media icons on your site will allow this to be picked up by search engines, like Google, and will have a beneficial effect on traffic.

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