How to Increase your Conversion Rate

When you notice your visitor count increasing on your website you may be wondering why your conversions aren’t increasing at the same rate.

You want to be changing these window shoppers into customers and the following hints and tips will help you do so.

As far as aesthetics go, make sure that your product pictures are large enough to be seen and entice potential customers. Grainy or blurry pictures don’t cut it when all of the best sites give their customers a clear look at the product. Adding videos can help too, especially if you show the product in action as it will show the customer the performance of the item.

Laying out your website in a logical way will also increase conversions, as your customers will be able to find what they’re looking for. Similarly, having an autocompleting search bar will serve to save them time while searching and may even suggest an item that they would have purchased from elsewhere.

When it comes to the design of your homepage and product pages, the item itself should take pride of place. Adding a few pictures of users interacting with the product will also get conversion rates on the rise, as human faces garner trust and reliability among viewers.

To further build the expectation of your product be sure to allow your customers to leave a review, as this will mean more to shoppers than a paragraph from the seller extolling its virtues. Sell your service too, point out your excellent returns and shipping policies to take all of the stress out of the customer experience.

An add to cart button plays on the urge buying mechanism in the brain, if customers can quickly add the item to their shopping basket then they’ll be more likely to buy it on a whim. On this note, having a mobile accessible site also ups the snap purchase factor, as shoppers on a mobile device tend to make quick decisions on what they want.

Finally, have your contact details on as many pages as possible to make it even simpler for people to get in touch with you. Even if they don’t choose to contact you, the option can make them more at ease shopping with your company for the first time.

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