How to Increase Bookings for your Tours Online

It’s great to have an online platform but to really get it working for you, follow these helpful hints.

Book Now Button

Having a book now button is one of the most basic things but making it easy to find and use is a more advanced technique. This button should stand out on your website as this will be what gets customers in your door.

Keep it Simple

On the same note, your whole site should be simple for your customers to find their way around. Organise it in such a way that they can navigate the site quickly to find what they’re interested in, if you don’t then they’ll be likely to go elsewhere.

Use Imagery

Photos and videos on your page enhance the customer experience but you should be using high quality, professional images. These represent what the user will be getting from your tour, so you don’t want them to be grainy or look less than perfect.

Point of Contact

You should have a point of contact for your customers, this way if they have any queries that are preventing them from booking then you can resolve it. This starts to create a rapport with your customer, and you can add to this with an ‘About Us’ page. Give them an insight into your business and they’ll see your organisation as more personable and friendly.

Social Media

Get social with your customers by interacting with them over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This gives you the opportunity to engage with them, answer questions and promote your tours. Use videos and pictures here too and this will get people onto your site and booking with you.

Availability Calendar

Finally, you should have an availability calendar integrated with your booking system. This is better for customers as they can instantly see the dates that they would like to attend and gives them other options should these dates not be available to them.

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