Mobile Travel Bookings on the Rise

Older phones struggled to get online and once there, the extent of their function was to check football scores or the weather.

Now these devices are all encompassing and can do most things that you can do on a desktop computer, including booking travel arrangements. The travel business is booming and it’s no surprise that people want to make their plans on their mobile device in more comfortable settings or on the move.

Mobile bookings now make up 40% overall of transactions for travel businesses so brands are beginning to take notice of this new market. This places even more importance on a mobile optimised site, as without one businesses could be missing out on nearly half of their potential customers.

Gone are the days of being cautious when buying online, the mobile user is more likely to make a snap decision and buy on a whim. In the last few years the amount of mobile travel transactions has doubled so we could be set to see this number rise even more in the future.

It’s not just hotel owners that this affects, these figures take into account bookings made on tours, apartment rentals and cruises too. If you’re in one of these businesses and not providing a mobile site then your customers will be looking elsewhere.

Tourism Marketing Agency are experts in tourism based websites and digital marketing and becoming mobile responsive has had a massive impact on our own clients businesses. For example, take Gray Line Washington DC who saw a 40% increase in revenue. Or Macs Adventure who saw an 85% increase in goal conversions, 28% increase in bookings and 30% increase in revenue.

For now these mobile transactions seem to be giving the travel industry a boost as the users behind them purchase more expensive packages more often. With a smartphone or tablet at nearly everyone’s disposal it’s no wonder that this is the case as consumers value convenience and being able to buy at their own leisure above all else.

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