Part 3: 4 Great Examples of Using Video in Tourism

So far, we have looked at why video is so important in Tourism Marketing and also how to create valuable video content for Tourism Marketing.

Today, we go one step further and start looking at some inspiration of great Tourism marketing videos.

What makes an effective Tourism video? Well, it has to be relevant to your audience, addressing their interests and giving them the information that they are looking for.

Thankfully, you actually don’t need to have a massive budget to be able to pull off a great video campaign, it doesn’t have to be really fancy or expensive. It’s possible to create smaller scale videos as long as the style is consistent and works with your brand message.

For example, there are a number of great videos that are shot on an iPhone and embrace the ‘homemade’ look.

All you need is a great idea and make sure you execute it well.

1. Turkish Airlines: Kobe vs Messi

One of the key things that makes this video so successful is the celebrity endorsement. Within the first 5 seconds, people recognise Kobe and Messi and will instantly be hooked to find out what the advert is all about.

However, it’s not just the famous sportsmen that make this video so successful. It’s also the themes that are portrayed. There is so much fun and adventure packed into this short video that will really inspire and excite people. This, teamed together with the sporting legends in top destinations makes for a winning combination really.

There is a reason Turkish Airlines have featured so many world-wide destinations in this advert. They are trying to get away from the persona of being a solely Turkish service, they actually fly all over the world, using the new tagline of ‘the carrier that flies to more countries than any other’.

There are actually a few other short adverts such as Drogba vs Messi and even some behind the scenes clips, showing how the videos are made.

2. Tourism Australia: 360 degrees

Now, there are so many things about this ‘360’ campaign that hit the mark in Tourism Marketing. First of all, they have really taken into account the latest trends in digital.

If you are trying to watch these videos on a desktop computer, you might have noticed they look a bit weird. That is because these have been developed to cater to the mobile market. Try again, this time in the YouTube app and see how much more exciting these videos are. You can actually use your finger to scroll through the full 360 degrees as though you are really there.

These videos are an immersive experience, letting the viewer feel like they are not in a video at all, but in a virtual reality, getting to actively experience being in Australia.

For this campaign, 17 videos were created in total and you can view them all on their YouTube channel here

(Remember to use your mobile for these ones!)

3. Royal Caribbean: The Bloggers Perspective

Previously, cruises were thought to be mostly aimed at an older market – predominantly the 50+ group. However, cruise companies all over the world are trying to get over this and change the perception by marketing to younger people.

The key feature here is showing the adventure. Cruise ships are not boring. There is so much to do – things you wouldn’t do anywhere else. It’s a unique experience right on your cabin doorstep.

Featuring famous bloggers and making use of their younger audiences will help reach the right target market. It’s also successful because these reviewers are their peers. People they trust, with similar interests to themselves.

4. Holland: The Original Cool.

Slaying stereotypes, Holland’s tourism board have set out to inspire people to visit. Cheese and clogs are not all that they have to offer, there is boutique shopping, friendly people, and an eco-conscious way of life.

It’s not just a place, it’s a destination with much to experience. It’s the original cool.

Have you noticed each of these examples actually have a common goal? They have all been trying to change the perception of their destination, rising above the stereotypes to create a new brand message.

Turkish Airlines don’t just fly to Turkey – they fly to countries all over the world. Cruises aren’t just for the older market – they appeal to Millennial adventure-seekers too. Holland isn’t just about clogs and cheese – there is a whole culture and way of life behind it.

Did these videos change your perception? Or even make you want to visit one of their destinations? This is the power of video in Tourism Marketing. It creates a much stronger emotional connection than any other form of advertising.

The next question to ask is how do you go about creating a Tourism video? We will answer this in part 4 of our Tourism Video Series

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