Is a Surprise Google Algorithm Update Coming Soon?

According to Barry Schwartz, the founder of SEO Round Table, there are some recent rumours that Google will release a surprise algorithm update in the very near future.

This rumour has not been confirmed or denied by Google, but Schwartz has indicated that many previous rumours turned out to be true and that these sources are often reasonably reliable.  Although he thinks it’s extremely unlikely, Schwartz even suggested that the consistency of these rumours could mean that there is a mole at Google…

What could an algorithm update mean for your website? 

Algorithm updates can be almost unnoticeable for most websites, but they can also be massive gamechangers, radically changing the way Google ranks your website. When the Panda update came out, websites with thin or duplicate content were penalised, and websites with good content were rewarded. When the Penguin update came out, websites who had been buying poor quality backlinks to boost their SEO were penalised. Each time Google updates its algorithm, it penalises some of the websites who are cutting corners or trying to trick Google in some way. Equally, if your website has good content, good links, and is easy and fast to navigate, your rankings will consistently improve as Google refines and updates its algorithm.

Why we listen to SEO rumours…

We will always pay some attention to SEO rumours; it’s important to stay ahead of the curve wherever possible, as any advantage we get can be passed on to our clients. Given that Google has over 90% of all search engine traffic, it is very much the biggest game in town. It’s up to us as digital marketers to understand how Google works — how it ranks our clients’ sites, and how it’s changing over time. 

Worried about the next Google algorithm update? If you need some help with your digital strategy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re more than happy to have a look at your site and have a chat about your digital strategy!

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