The importance of Brand Identity

Brands need to have an identity. And they need to use this personality to connect with their audience and market.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

19 Aug 2013

Your brand’s identity is the sum of your stakeholders’ opinions and feelings about your organisation and its product or service.

For existing customers, this will be the experience they have had with your brand. New customers will base their decisions around what they see. And what they see is important - statistics show that 75% of what we learn comes to us via visual means.


Having the right name is critical. But deciding on the right name can be difficult. It needs to be three things - available, memorable and meaningful. And that means meaningful to everyone, globally.

The Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA) can help you determine whether your brand name should be descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary, or fanciful. Working collaboratively with our clients, TMA helps make naming decisions that will create a positive impact on the brand.


The logo is the most commonly recognised part of a brand. In a world where brands are multiplying at an ever increasing pace, coming up with a good logo has become harder to do and more important than ever.

Like the name, a good logo should be memorable and unique. And ideally, it should help convey some important ideas about the brand it represents.

In the global and digital economy in which we live, good logos resonate with worldwide audiences, and translate well online.

TMA has a track record of developing impactful and successful logos. So, if you need a new logo, you should really talk to us.


Successful brands are consistent. Consistently consistent! It’s important that the literature you publish in New York is aligned with the packaging used in Tokyo or the tradeshow exhibit that was used in Berlin.

It makes sense for local agencies to do this work. But, to maintain consistency, we encourage our customers to develop brand guidelines. It ensures local agencies share your vision about your brand.

TMA helps their clients build strong, consistent brands across multiple disciplines and multiple locations.


Positive awareness is critical to your organisation. Awareness leads to interest which then leads to sales.

Your brand identity is at the heart of this. And awareness is the next logical step in building your brand identity. In short, you can have the best logo and name, but it doesn’t matter if you are unknown.

You need to activate you brand. You need to advertise yourself, your brand and what you stand for to inspire preference and loyalty to you.

Whether it’s developing a social media presence through to TV and radio spots, don’t be put off.

TMA's focus is delivering integrated campaigns which include a variety of options from online to print. But the point is that they are integrated. They all work together for the greatest cumulative effect.


Not many people need to print boxes and boxes of brochures anymore. However, some printed literature does still have a place in the marketing plan.

But, if you are going to invest in these items, then we think they have to work harder than ever before. They have to compete with their digital equivalents.

TMA knows how to get your money’s worth and deliver pieces that get you excited to turn the pages – whether it’s an annual report, magazine, newsletter, datasheet, calendar, and postcards….or indeed a brochure.

We use the latest technology to make sure your literature is cutting edge. Many of these ‘documents’ are never printed. Work with us to use the best possible technology platforms to ensure you have the same reach, without the same paper consumption.


Businesses have one chance to make a good impression. You need to make it creative and memorable.

If you produce a product, your packaging is the first chance to catch attention. The right design and marketing can have tremendous power to grab customers’ attention and boost the sales of the product.

TMA will guide you from initial concepts through constructional and graphic design, to the production and manufacture of your finished packaging.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Here, in a series of blogs and articles, Chris shares his tried and tested views on the anatomy of successful tourism websites.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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