Why you need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Your site needs to be beautifully designed. It needs to be found by the right people. And because digital technology has changed the way that brands connect with their customers, you need to know where your customers ‘hang out’ online.

A digital marketing strategy should outline which mix of channels you want to deploy to be where your customers are and get them to interact with you. You need to consider website, mobile, social, e-commerce and search engine marketing and use them to engage with your customers.

The best strategy will evolve as your knowledge grows. It will help you assess which channels are best for your organisation. Namely, which ones offer the optimum return on investment.

Research and tracking

Researching and tracking consumer behaviour will help you understand more about your customers, your online presence and how best to ensure the two interact, and how you can influence the consumer journey.

TMA is expert at tracking behaviours and brand interactions. Whether your organisation is large or small our marketing team will shape a digital solution to help your business grow.

Website design and development

Your customers are digitally savvy. Customers regularly now use the web for research, reviews and price comparison. Bottom line is that customers make decisions online. Whether to buy your product / service or whether to select your competitor’s offering.

So your online presence needs to be up to scratch. Here are some things to check: Do you have engaging content on your site? This one sounds silly, but do all the links work? Does it capture leads and drive revenue? Is it engaging? Does it grow loyalty? Or, do you even have a website?

To make your website work for your business, it needs to give a fantastic brand experience. Here’s what you need to consider: Your site needs to be easy to use. The content needs to be relevant and have the right tone and visual style.

Your website needs to be fully optimised and integrated for digital marketing so that you can make the most of search engine optimisation, social media and email marketing. It also needs to work on a desktop, a tablet and a mobile – in other words, responsive design.

Having all this in place means that you are more likely to convert visits into sales and get a good return on investment. And return on investment is a watch word of our team. And incase you are wondering, TMA will work with you to achieve this.

Search engine optimisation

Tens of thousands of online searches happen every second. In the UK and Ireland, 90% of these happen on Google. If you have an online presence, your business needs to be visible on Google’s search results.

There is no one size fits all approach to being visible on Google. Their search results are ever-evolving and you are a unique business. So an SEO campaign needs to be built around your business. It needs to be fully researched and crafted based upon what your business needs. Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want more people in your store (not the online one)? Or maybe you are focused on e-Commerce and need more online sales?

If you have clear online goals, we will help you created a custom SEO campaign to achieve these. We will base this on two things: relevance and authority. TMA will improve your site’s relevance by researching the right keywords for you. We’ll then help you create and promote the right content for your site. Then, to build authority, we will grow your online brand and achieve relevant and trustworthy links from third-party sites back to yours.

If we get all this right, your site will get stronger rankings on Google’s search results.

Online advertising

Attention is almost currency in our world. And it is tough to get the attention of your target market. You are competing with other companies, with social media and with other general distractions.

Pay per click can ensure you have control over your marketing campaign. You will target traffic based on certain key words. Google is the top traffic for this but Facebook and LinkedIn offer similar services.

When you are waiting for a search engine to index your site, this can be the perfect solution. It’s the fastest way to gain profile on search engines and can offer an immediate return on investment. If you talk to TMA, we can help steer you through this process. First we’ll agree what you are aiming for, get the keywords right and ensure they are competitive and that your landing pages are focused.

Social media management

You’ve probably heard of blogs, twitter and tweeting, Facebook and posting? Used in the right way, they can help your business make more money. Whether you are new to it, or whether you are looking to make it work harder for you, TMA can help.

You need to have a message. It needs to fit with your social media demographic. And if you have or end up with a large following, you need to use it to build your brand, keep them loyal….and learn something about your market along the way

We’ve guided large and smaller companies in making social media work for them. TMA can assist you to make sense of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest and all the other new ones! We understand that there’s value in each – as long as you know how to approach them.

Get in contact with our social media experts. Yes, they love a chat…. a tweet and a post.

Managing a blog

Content is king. You can grab the interest of your prospects by saying something they are interested in. Give them a reason to visit your website, read your twitter feed, like your Facebook post.

And if you want search engines to see your website as important, you have to have something good to say. It needs to be interesting, original…..and include keywords.

Not everyone wants to put their thoughts into words. Sometimes you won’t even have the time to keep content like a blog up to date. If you want to benefit from a blog, but you haven’t got the time, then TMA can take care of it or you.

Email marketing

There’s still a place for email marketing, even with the advent of social networks and blogs. 83% of business to business marketers use it regularly.

If it’s done properly, it will help build brand awareness, increase sales, generate leads and strengthen customer relationships.

Your email campaign needs to be unique. It needs to offer something that’s not on the website – a special offer, information, a competition. It needs to be enticing enough to click and ultimately… to buy.

TMA can help you build a solution to meet your needs. We’ll train your staff, or our marketing team will manage a campaign for you.

Mobile strategy

You need to invest in mobile. The ever increasing statistics on increasing levels of mobile and tablet adoption prove it.

Mobiles and tablets are as powerful as computers. Most people have their phone near them all day, every day. It’s an opportunity for marketers. It means businesses can have a near constant dialogue with target customers.

Your site needs to be up to date. Prospects won’t accept (or visit) a site that’s cumbersome with text that’s too small to read.

You need to understand that there is a big difference between how a standard website appears on a mobile device and a version of a site tailored specifically for mobiles.

TMA can create specially designed interfaces which look and work like a dedicated mobile app, basically your core website presented in a suitable fashion.

Creating a responsive site is not simply a case of creating new designs. We strip out, re-organise and re-present your information and functionality in a mobile-friendly way. And if you really do need a mobile app, TMA will work with you to conceive concepts which help you and your customers.

Video marketing

Video is communication at its most compelling and powerful. Good broadband means that videos can be consumed anywhere and at anytime. The most successful brands are embracing it.

Video makes you look like you are serious about your marketing. It gives the impression that your company is serious about who it is and what it does. It will help build your brand identity.

And, it will positively impact your website’s search engine optimisation – making it 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page. YouTube is a must have video content marketing engine. And it responds to effective and targeting video content marketing.

We’ll produce your video project. You will become viral (and that’s a good thing).

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