When Choosing a Digital Agency…

There are many digital agencies out there that can promise their clients great results and return on investment. To distinguish between the ones that can and the ones that can’t, there are a few questions you can ask to find out which category they fall into.


As an initial question, it’s always good to ask how much experience the company has and how much of it is in your industry. Expertise in a certain field will save you vast amounts of time and energy in the long run. If they aren’t directly involved in your industry then they may have skills that would be transferable.

Point of Contact

Finding out the name of a specific account executive that will be dealing with your project is also essential. You want to know your point of contact and also what you can expect when you get in touch.


How they determine your bill is also an essential question to ask, as this can vary greatly in the industry. If they bill by project then you can ask for a quote or if they bill per hour then you can factor that into your project too.


If you are currently running an advertising campaign then ask them what they would change about it. Their enthusiasm for the job, and how much effort they’ve put into their research, will be in plain view here.


Asking for references may be something you’re more accustomed to doing in an interview but it serves a purpose here too. This will also open up a discussion about what successes they have achieved and the type of clients they enjoy working with.

You can close this round of questions by simply asking what makes a good relationship for their company. This gives them an opportunity to speak freely about their values and customer care, which will offer great insight into the business.

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