The Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing

Before you consider content marketing, consider whether you are prepared to invest 20 or more hours in writing content, or paying someone else to write it for you.

If you are – this is how to maximise your marketing!

Measure more than page-views

First determine the purpose of the article. Do you want more traffic? More email signups? To land a job? This purpose should be the single influence when choosing the topic for your blog post.

Choose a hot topic or topics

Rather than choose dozens of random topics to write blog posts about, it’s a better idea to carefully choose topics that offer the potential for a large audience.

Before writing your blog, use Google’s Keyword Planner to find the most searched for sub-topics.

Plan your article

If you’re not a natural writer, writing interesting and engaging blogs can be a real challenge but, invariably, extensive planning makes it easier and gives you a better product.

Spend time brainstorming topics, creating an outline, and researching your idea. Then, once you’ve got the bones of your proposed blog, it’s easier to flesh it out. This is much better than rushing headlong into it and then realising you’ve written too many words – but still not said half of what you wanted to.

Choose the best format for your article

The format for blogs can vary from a how-to-guide, to the-5-best, a basic list or even an info-graphic. Have a look at some blogs you like reading – and see which you like best. Whichever you choose, make the information as easy to absorb as possible for your readers.

  • Spend time making your content great
  • Don’t expect to write a perfect blog first time. Editing and redrafting are vital parts of the writing process – and usually necessary to produce stellar content.
  • Replace adverbs with better verbs e.g. he ran quickly – he sprinted!
  • Use synonyms for overused words.
  • Write concisely.
  • Look for the obvious spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Get a friend or colleague to read it through and offer feedback before posting.

Format Beautifully

  • Add and optimise pictures and headlines were necessary, and make sure they stand out and are easy to digest.
  • Italicise and Bold Key Sections
  • Craft a Killer Headline

Optimise For Search Engines

Promote your work

Share on your social media channels (more than once)


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