Top hotel marketing tips part 1
Does your hotel cater for weddings? If so, offer packages that combine different elements of the happy couple’s special day.
Tell customers what to do
There is nothing worse than visiting a website, falling in love with the information and imagining the experience you can have to then have the customer think… what next?
Earn Trust With Earned Content
Earned content is when you tap into your traveller’s content to supplement your own.
Embrace Micro Content
Marketing strategies often look at creating lasting impressions but you should also cater for short lived micro content.
Part 3: 4 Great Examples of Using Video in Tourism
If you are looking for inspiration for creative video content these 4 great examples show you how to do video marketing right!
Part 2: Creating Valuable Video Content For Tourism Marketing
What sort of video content is going to grab your viewer’s attention and keep them hooked?
Part 1: Why You Should Use Video in Tourism
Digital marketers seem to be making a big fuss about video marketing. But why? What is it that makes video content so important and useful.
Part 2: A great tourism experience starts from the first click
Chris Torres continues his advice on how to create a full brand experience from first click to journey's end.
How to Achieve Local SEO Success
It’s not enough to simply optimise your website for top SEO success, as Google now takes into account your business location.
Part 2: Tourism Marketing Agency’s 2016 guide to SEO
Here’s Chris’s second instalment of his biggest SEO tips for this year.
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