Chris Torres
With this episode, I hope to highlight cheaper options and a possible set up, while still using Hubspots free CRM.
I shall break down some of my concerns and give you the real truth about what an OTA actually is, one that may make you see them in a different light.
Paul will discuss the recent appeal and give an insight into what it takes to operate and preserve Waverley.
Peter will be discussing Glasgow's past and how it has grown it's reputation internationally since the Glasgow Garden Festival.
Marketing your Tour Business in the Post-Covid World
Chris will highlight key demographics that you should be targeting now as well as current Google trends.
Starting a New Tour Business in Scotland. The Pitfalls, Challenges and Successes
Chris would like to take this opportunity to share his experience with you in creating adventures and experiences to last a lifetime
Digital Marketing Fundamentals… Be Visible in Those Right Moments
Patrick O'Shaughnessy of Visit Scotland shares his thoughts and advice on how tourism businesses can be visible at the right moments.
Virtual Tours – A Distraction or a Valid Opportunity?
Chris is joined by Kelsey Tonner to discuss the validity of virtual tours and if they are a worthwhile product to create.
Creating Opportunity From Disaster – Surviving COVID-19
Peter Syme shares his thoughts and ideas on how to look for opportunities from the Covid crisis, as well as being his usual, candid self.
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