Chris Torres
Taking Selfie’s from Space and COVID-19 Spelfie Strategies for Destinations
Chris will discuss how he came up with the idea and how he has grown his business as well as strategies during COVID-19.
How The Edinburgh Dungeon Has Kept Scaring Visitors For 20 Years
Emma will chat how the Edinburgh Dungeon create and innovate ideas to bring in new and repeat business.
From Neuroscience to Food Tours: How I Grew my Food Tour Business
In this episode I talk with Alyssa Schoenfeld on how she made the move from neuroscience into food tours.
Discussion on Marketing your Tour Business Through COVID
In the episode I am joined by Evan Tipton of Tomis and we will be discussing marketing strategies and ideas for tour operators.
Creating Tailor Made, Luxury Whisky Tours for International and Royal Guests
Vikki will discuss how she has grown her high luxury brand with international visitors and even Royalty.
How Data, Big or Small, Can Help Grow your Tourism Business
Joshua will lead a session to explore how Scotland’s tourism sector can get started in using data technologies.
COVID Marketing, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Growth
Chris answers questions concerning Facebook advertising, email marketing, business development and growth, as well as covering other topics.
How UnTour Food Tour Have Been Affected by Coronavirus
Kyle Long will be discussing how his business has been affected by the coronavirus and the launch of No Appetite for Ignorance.
The Effects of OTAs in the Tour Industry and the Future of Reservation Systems
Chris Atkin discusses the effects of Online Travel Agents (OTAs) in the tour and activity industry and the future of reservation systems.
The Rise of Audio Tours and Finding Great Tour Guides
Daphne will be discussing how they find the best guides and how they produced a tour of the moon!
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