Chris Torres
How to Generate Revenue from Retail & Merchandise
We discuss how you can effectively use retail to help grow your business, especially important in a post-pandemic world.
Travel Planning for Consumers
We discuss the consumer journey and how Levantr fits into the all important planning/dreaming stage while generating revenue for travel providers.
Marketing Through Covid and Beyond
With both Sandra and Chris' marketing expertise, this episode contains a load of marketing advice and tips.
Traveller Mindset and Intent in 2021 and Beyond
In this episode, I discuss some of the findings in this research and what you should do to market your business in 2021 and beyond.
Pivoting a Tour Business During Covid
In this episode, we are looking at how tour operators have successfully pivoted their business during Covid.
Creating Promotional Videos For Your Campaigns
Chris takes you through a step-by-step workshop on how he creates a promotional video fro a client using stock footage and audio.
How Covid Has Affected Tours, Attractions, Accommodation & Hospitality
In this chat we will discuss the effects Covid has had within the tourism sector as well as how each business is planning for the future.
The Fundamentals of a Good Website in Tours and Activities
We discuss the fundamentals of creating a website that enhances the consumer purchase journey as well as providing tips for the optimum layout.
The Rise of the Artificial Intelligent Tour Guide
Alex will be discussing his new venture, Autoura a platform for autonomous vehicles, and Sahra, an artificial intelligent tour guide.
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