Chris Torres
Key Sustainability Trends and Tips for your Tourism Business
Anula Galewska helps more businesses learn about responsible travel and market their sustainability efforts better.
Marketing against the effects of the Coronavirus
Whether you think this virus is a genuine threat or something that has been blown out of proportion by the media, what matters most is what your customers think.
The digital tourism show with Cara Dzvane offers tours and activities in the tourism market.
Synden will be discussing the key accommodation trends for Glasgow as well as having a forward look at what we expect to see for 2020
The digital tourism show with cara dzivane focuses on digital marketing for tours and activities in the tourism industry.
Cara will be discussing how tour operators and accommodation providers can optimise their products with the corporate traveller in mind.
The TMA's digital tourism show featuring a man and a woman.
Lee MacGregor, Mitchell MacGregor PR, will be discussing how PR can help boost any tourism brand and the best ways to approach PR.
A man with glasses and a microphone hosting a TMA branded digital marketing event for tourism businesses.
It’s been a year since I wrote The Digital Battle for Tours and Activities, an article which I thought would be a one-off piece of content but now may become a yearly event.
TMA Giving a Lecture at City of Glasgow College
This week our founder, Chris Torres, spoke to a collection of students at City of Glasgow College about how to use video in tourism marketing.
Thinking outside the box, stay local to grow global
Much is said about a globalized world where everything and everyone is interconnected.
How to Optimize Google My Business for Tour Operators
The opportunities for brand exposure are endless; so long as you build a strong presence across the board.
chris Facebook ad funnel 2
Chris presents a workshop on using Facebook Ads to make an effective ad funnel.
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