Offer Live Availability
Allow your customers to book tours now and ahead of time by offering live availability.
Know Your Customers
It should go without saying you should know your customers.
Your Products Suck
So, your website is getting lots of traffic. The website is fully optimised and it portrays an amazing design and user journey.
Enhance your hotel experience
Think about it for a second. A customer checks into your hotel, gets their key and goes to their room. From experience, this can be underwhelming.
There is no off Season
Regardless of when people choose to travel, they are dreaming of their next holiday all year round.
Why you must use Live Chat
Live chat is a much-underused tool that many tourism based businesses do not use.
Customer tactics and planning
When Google produced a study into the travel industry it found that the average user spends 419 digital moments while researching a trip over a 2 month period.
FREE WiFi Free Marketing
59% of people check their emails on holiday and millennials cannot live a single day without using their smartphone.
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